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Ice Cream vs Gelato: There is a Difference!

What is the difference between Ice Cream and Gelato? Keep on reading to uncover the scoop on the ultimate dessert debate.

As dessert connoisseurs and owners of the best ice cream shop in Ajax, we’re often faced with burning questions like “What makes your gelato different from regular ice cream”. Well, today’s the day we finally spill those secrets.

Sure, sometimes ice cream and gelato appear to be quite similar! No doubt they’re both creamy, cold, and sweet. But if tried together, you’ll notice the difference right away!

In retrospect, the variance comes down to three things.

Texture. Temperature. And Serving!

Texture Matters

Gelato is richer and denser with a distinctively smoother texture as compared to ice cream. The details are in the proportions! What gives gelato its unique texture is the fact that it is more milk-based, rather than cream-based like its dessert cousin – ice cream. Great gelato places in Toronto don’t come around often, so we make sure ours is impeccable.

Temperature is KEY

Since gelato uses less milk and yolk compared to ice cream, it is significantly less fatty! But with less fat and less air pumped into it, how is it not solid as a rock when frozen? While the best ice cream in Markham is served at around 10°F, gelato shop containers are set to a relatively warmer temperature to maintain their elastic and super-soft texture.

And Finally, Serving Style

Ice cream is always scooped, right? What if we told you that authentic gelato is SPADED? That’s right. Gelato is served with a spade to maintain its smooth texture!

We can quibble over differences in taste and texture all day but we’re all part of the frozen, creamy dessert family. But if you prefer your ice cream silky and rich, you’re probably a gelato lover. No need to look up “Best ice cream near me”, just hop on over to Ksira Gelato for an authentic and flavorful experience.

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