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    Gelato .  Tea . Coffee . Sandwiches

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    Gelato and Love

    How it All Started

    Ksira Gelato started in spring 2018, by Chef Roshan of Kitchen Guerrilla. The love for gelato started from dining out with his, then girlfriend, now wife Dalscene. After every dinner date, going for a scoop or two of gelato from on third thought was a must.  After nearly trying every gelato toronto shop, ice cream stores in Ajax and in the city, Chef Roshan decided to create his own brand. Before announcing the launch of his brand, there was an year of experimenting with flavours of different ice cream types and learning the art of gelato making. Ksira Gelato is proudly the first brand of gelato to infuse South-Asian flavours with your gelato made the authentic way.

    For about 2 years, Ksira gelato has surpassed all expectations of fans from an ice cream flavour, making Ksira an experience to try. During this time, the gelato was served in to-go containers and sold out of his parent’s house. Fast forward to 2021 and now there are two complete store set up in Ajax and Markham.

    Chef-Inspired Flavours

    Most Unique Flavours Ajax and Markham Can Offer

    All Ksira Gelato Flavours are Chef inspired, stepping up the stakes for anyone who loves ice cream and is wondering if there is a dessert shop near me, Ksira Gelato is the best gelato Toronto has in stock. Keeping best ice cream flavors and all unique ice cream flavours in consideration, Chef Roshan put years of research into visiting ice cream cafes and gelato shops, We present our specialty gelato made in-house from scratch at our commissary kitchen using high quality gelato making equipment.

    We take full pride in bringing signature flavours like Rose Sherbet(Falooda flavour), Original creamy mango as one of the best mango like desserts Markham has, our signature Watalappam, Dairy free gelato, and vegan gelato. Our number one focus is flavour and texture which you have to just try for yourself.



    Ceylon Milk Tea

    Ceylon Milk Tea

    Pistachio Royale

    Pistachio Royale

    Mango Sorbetto

    Mango Sorbetto

    About Us

    Who are We

    Chef Roshan is a Canadian Tamil born in Sri Lanka, raised in Toronto. He brings his heritage to the 6ix Ajax and Markham by recreating his mother’s Watalappam (a staple Sri Lankan pudding dessert) in gelato form, as well as many other flavours like Ceylon Tea, Rose Sherbet, Pistachio Saffron and the list goes on. These flavours are unique as the ice cream Toronto has, can never bring this ou in terms of taste and texturet. Chef Roshan knows his product and definitely knows all kinds of ice cream. Most commonly known as the best Gelato Canada can make,  and is considered a pioneer in offering the dessert Markham has experienced. Growing up in the 6ix Ajax, Chef Roshan had seen rolled ice cream ajax, Kawartha ice cream flavors, Pickering village ice cream, I love gelato Markham, rollz ice cream. DQ Ajax, and many more, so of course, he did not forget to include traditional Italian and other world-inspired flavours! 

    For about 2 years of Ksira the gelato in Scarborough, gelato in Ajax, and gelato in Markham, was served in to-go containers and sold out of Roshan’s parent’s house. Fast forward to 2021, Ksira is known as the Toronto best ice cream, best dessert Ajax, and best dessert Toronto because of the Gelato it offers. Now if anyone in the Durham and York region is searching for best ice cream in Toronto, there is a complete store front open in Ajax and Markham. See locations below.

    The Name

    Ksira Gelato

    The Sanskrit name comes from the Bhagavata Purana an ancient Hindu text. The name Ksira was inspired from the story about an ocean of milk which was churned by the Gods in attempt to destroy demons! Ksira Sagara was the name of the ocean of milk; Ksira means milk and Sagara means ocean. Our selection brings you one of the finest gelato, with real ingredients, against different types of ice cream or rolled ice cream Ajax. Our South Asian specialty flavors bring you a healthier version of all unique ice cream flavors, as good as village ice cream, and shaved ice cream. We call our authenticity of flavours to be the reason behind being called the best ice cream toronto has to offer. Based on the heritage and cultural story behind our name, we decided to name our brand this simply because we stand behind a South Asian whole milk gelato product fit for the Gods.

    Gelato Vs Ice Cream

    The most common question is, what’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? Gelato is made with whole milk, while ice cream is made with cream, therefore gelato contains less fat. Ice cream can also contain up to 100% air, this is something done to maximize profitability on the product, whereas gelato has much less air and it is a denser finished product. Even the best ice cream places in Markham and Ajax, would have the same case as its product differential that gelato offers when it comes in comparison with ice cream, whether it be ice cream rolls, this would be the case. Ksira also offers options for guests with dietary restrictions, for people looking for best vegan ice cream Toronto, Ksira has vegan gelato options, dairy-free gelato options so every one can enjoy the best gelato Toronto has ever tasted. This results in a higher quality and more flavourful product.

    For about 2 years the gelato was served in to-go containers and sold out of his parent’s house. Fast forward to 2021 and now there is a complete store front under-construction at 1901 Harwood Ave N Unit 25 in Ajax, Ontario.

    Our Locations

    Markham, ON

    Address: 9833 Markham Rd

    Ajax, ON

    Address: 1901 Harwood Ave N, U#25